Enthusiasm for Relationships and Couples, Their Structure and Possibilities

When a relationship’s own form of expression develops and its “language”, “texture” and “rhythms” are freely unfold.

Ona: “ohne Namen” (without a name) – Nowo: no words

It is not me who “decides” how you sense something, how you show your feelings or how you experience your relationship. You name the “things” with your own words, you use your “vocabulary” – even without words. Maybe it satisfies you more to “feel words”, to “listen to colors” or to “taste sounds”.

I consider myself as “door opener” by making your “way of seeing things” visible in a new or additional “dimension”. With the support of my interaction, mediation and intuition, your point of view will become perceptible to a new extent.

Then, “things” that were hidden – not only from your counterpart but from you as well – may present themselves.

Pfeil runter

My “Get-To-Gather”